local CDL Jobs Jacksonville fl Sysco Company – Sysco, a prominent foodservice distribution company, offers local CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) jobs in Jacksonville, Florida. These positions involve transporting a variety of food and related products to restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other establishments in the local area. As a CDL driver for Sysco in Jacksonville, you would be responsible for safely and efficiently delivering products on time and adhering to company protocols and industry regulations.

local CDL Jobs Jacksonville fl Sysco

The role may include loading and unloading goods, ensuring proper handling of perishable items, and maintaining accurate records of deliveries. Sysco values its drivers and places a strong emphasis on safety, customer service, and fostering a positive work environment for its employees. Joining a local CDL job Jacksonville FL Sysco offers an opportunity to be a vital part of the food supply chain, serving the community while enjoying competitive pay and benefits.

What is the Responsibility for local CDL Jobs Jacksonville fl Sysco Company?

Local CDL jobs at Sysco in Jacksonville, Florida, come with a range of responsibilities that ensure smooth and efficient operations in the food service distribution industry. Some of the key responsibilities for drivers in this role include:

  1. Safe Driving and Transportation: Ensuring safe operation of commercial vehicles, abiding by traffic laws, and adhering to Sysco’s safety policies to prevent accidents and maintain a high level of safety for oneself and others on the road.
  2. Delivery of Products: Safely and punctually delivering food and related products to customers within the Jacksonville area, including restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, and more, meeting delivery schedules and customer expectations.
  3. Loading and Unloading: Loading products onto the truck, securing the load, and ensuring proper unloading at delivery points, while following guidelines to protect the quality of perishable items and other goods.
  4. Customer Service: Providing exceptional customer service by interacting with customers professionally, addressing inquiries, and handling any concerns or issues that may arise during deliveries, maintaining a positive and customer-centric approach.
  5. Route Planning and Navigation: Efficiently planning delivery routes using GPS and other navigation tools to optimize travel time and fuel usage, ensuring timely deliveries and cost-effectiveness.
  6. Documentation and Record Keeping: Accurately completing paperwork, such as delivery manifests, invoices, and any required documentation, to record deliveries and maintain organized records for the company’s accounting and administrative purposes.
  7. Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection: Conducting pre-trip and post-trip inspections of the vehicle to ensure it is in good working condition, reporting any maintenance or repair needs promptly to the appropriate personnel.
  8. Compliance with Regulations: Complying with all federal, state, and local regulations regarding transportation, including Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, weight limits, and other applicable laws governing commercial driving.
  9. Team Collaboration: Collaborating with warehouse and distribution center staff to ensure accurate loading and efficient operations, fostering a sense of teamwork and cooperation within the organization.
  10. Adherence to Company Policies: Following Sysco’s policies and procedures, including those related to safety, quality, ethics, and customer service, to maintain a high standard of performance and professionalism.

These responsibilities collectively contribute to the successful functioning of the local CDL jobs at Sysco Jacksonville Florida facilitating the timely and reliable distribution of food products to customers in the region.

Benefits for local CDL Jobs Jacksonville fl Sysco

While specific benefits can vary based on factors like position, experience, and location, working in a local CDL job for Sysco in Jacksonville, Florida, typically comes with a range of benefits designed to attract and retain employees. Here are some common benefits associated with such positions:

  1. Competitive Compensation: Sysco often offers competitive pay rates for CDL drivers, considering factors such as experience, skills, and the specific job role.
  2. Health and Wellness Benefits: Comprehensive health and wellness benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance plans, to help drivers and their families stay healthy.
  3. Retirement Plans: Retirement savings plans such as 401(k) with company matching or other options to help drivers plan for their future and save for retirement.
  4. Paid Time Off (PTO): Paid time off, which may include vacation days, holidays, and sick leave, allowing drivers to take time off when needed and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  5. Life and Disability Insurance: Coverage for life insurance and disability insurance, providing financial protection in case of unexpected events.
  6. Flexible Work Schedules: Opportunities for flexible work schedules or alternative work arrangements, accommodating individual needs and preferences within the scope of the job.
  7. Training and Development: Training programs and opportunities for career development, including continuous training to enhance skills, advance in the company, and improve job performance.
  8. Employee Discounts: Discounts on Sysco products or related services, enabling employees to save on groceries and other purchases.
  9. Safety Incentives: Incentives and bonuses for maintaining a safe driving record and adhering to safety protocols, encouraging a culture of safety among employees.
  10. Uniforms and Equipment: Provision of necessary uniforms, safety gear, and equipment required for the job, ensuring a safe and professional work environment.
  11. Career Growth Opportunities: Opportunities for career advancement within Sysco, with the potential to move into higher-level positions or specialized roles within the company.
  12. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): Access to EAPs that offer confidential counseling, support, and resources for dealing with personal or work-related challenges.
  13. Employee Recognition Programs: Recognition and rewards programs to acknowledge and celebrate employee achievements and contributions to the company.

These benefits aim to enhance the overall work experience for CDL drivers at Sysco in Jacksonville, Florida, and help attract and retain skilled and dedicated professionals in the industry. It’s important to consult with Sysco directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the benefits offered for local CDL jobs in Jacksonville.

What are the Qualifications for local CDL Truck driver jobs in Jacksonville Florida?

The qualifications for local CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) truck driver jobs in Jacksonville, Florida, typically include a combination of education, experience, skills, and licensing requirements. While specific qualifications may vary slightly based on the company or job position, here are the general qualifications you can expect for CDL truck driver positions:

  1. CDL License: A valid and current Class A or Class B CDL issued by the state of Florida or the state in which you reside. The class of CDL needed will depend on the type of vehicle you will be driving and the materials you will be transporting.
  2. Clean Driving Record: A clean driving record with no major traffic violations or accidents within a specified period. Employers typically require a record free of DUIs, reckless driving, or other serious offenses.
  3. Driving Experience: Prior experience as a truck driver is often preferred. The amount of required experience may vary, but many companies look for at least 1-2 years of professional driving experience.
  4. Safety Compliance: Familiarity with and adherence to safety regulations and compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) and state transportation laws.
  5. Physical Fitness: Ability to meet the physical demands of the job, as indicated by a passing Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination, which includes health assessments for vision, hearing, blood pressure, and overall physical fitness.
  6. Drug and Alcohol Testing: Willingness to undergo and pass pre-employment and ongoing drug and alcohol testing as required by DOT regulations.
  7. Age Requirement: Meet the minimum age requirement for CDL drivers as set by both state and federal regulations. Generally, this is 18 years old for intrastate driving and 21 years old for interstate driving.
  8. Background Check: Successful completion of a background check, which may include criminal history and employment verification.
  9. Customer Service Skills: Good communication and customer service skills to interact effectively with customers and represent the company in a positive manner.
  10. Knowledge of Routes: Familiarity with local and regional routes, geography, and traffic patterns in Jacksonville and surrounding areas.
  11. Recordkeeping Skills: Ability to maintain accurate and organized records of deliveries, expenses, and other relevant documentation.
  12. Ability to Operate Equipment: Proficiency in operating and maneuvering commercial vehicles, including trucks and trailers, according to safety standards.
  13. Flexibility and Adaptability: Willingness to work varying schedules, including weekends and holidays, and adapt to changing job requirements and environments.

It’s important to review the specific job postings from the company you are interested in to ensure you meet all their qualifications and requirements for a CDL truck driver position in Jacksonville, Florida. Additionally, some employers may have additional preferences or requirements based on the nature of their operations.

How Much Local CDL Truck Driver’s Salary Florida Sysco Company

The salary for local CDL truck drivers at Sysco or any other company can vary based on several factors, including experience, location, specific job role, company policies, and economic conditions. Salaries are also subject to change over time.

In the United States, the median annual salary for a CDL truck driver, as of 2021, typically ranged between $45,000 to $65,000 or more, depending on the factors mentioned above. Local CDL truck drivers often earn a competitive hourly wage or an annual salary based on a per-mile or per-hour basis, plus benefits.

For accurate and up-to-date information on the salary for local CDL truck driver positions at Sysco in Jacksonville, Florida, I recommend reaching out directly to Sysco’s human resources department or visiting their official website. You can also refer to job listings or industry-specific salary websites for the most current and specific salary information for CDL truck drivers in Florida area.

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How I can become a CDL Truck Driver in Jacksonville Florida

To become a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) truck driver in Jacksonville, Florida, follow these steps:

  1. Meet Eligibility Requirements:
    • Be at least 18 years old (21 for interstate driving).
    • Have a valid Florida driver’s license.
    • Meet any additional state or federal requirements.
  2. Research CDL Classes and Types:
    • Understand the different CDL classes (A, B, C) and their endorsements (e.g., hazardous materials, passenger, tanker).
  3. Choose a CDL Training Program:
    • Enroll in a reputable CDL training program accredited by the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI).
  4. Complete CDL Training:
    • Attend classroom instruction covering regulations, safety, and driving skills.
    • Receive hands-on training in operating commercial vehicles.
  5. Pass Written Exams:
    • Study for and pass the CDL permit tests, including general knowledge, air brakes, and any additional endorsements you need.
  6. Obtain a CDL Learner’s Permit:
    • Visit your local DMV and apply for a CDL learner’s permit by passing the written tests and a medical exam.
  7. Practice Driving:
    • Practice driving a commercial vehicle under the supervision of a licensed CDL holder.
  8. Complete Behind-the-Wheel Training:
    • Attend training with a certified instructor to develop practical driving skills.
  9. Pass Skills Test:
    • Schedule and pass the CDL skills test, which includes a pre-trip inspection, basic control, and on-road driving.
  10. Apply for CDL:
    • Submit the required documents and fees to obtain your CDL from the Florida DMV.
  11. Gain Experience:
    • Look for entry-level CDL trucking jobs to gain experience and hone your skills.
  12. Maintain a Clean Driving Record:
    • Adhere to safety regulations and maintain a clean driving record to enhance job prospects and opportunities for advancement.
  13. Consider Specializing:
    • Consider specializing in specific types of trucking (e.g., refrigerated, hazardous materials) to broaden your opportunities.
  14. Stay Informed and Updated:
    • Stay updated on industry changes, regulations, and advancements in trucking technology through ongoing education and professional development.

Remember to check with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) or visit their official website for the most current and detailed information regarding CDL requirements, testing procedures, and other essential aspects of becoming a CDL truck driver in Jacksonville, Florida.


pursuing a CDL trucking job in Jacksonville, Florida, offers a promising career pathway for individuals seeking opportunities in the transportation and logistics industry. Acquiring a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is the essential first step, and aspiring truck drivers must meet eligibility criteria, complete accredited CDL training programs, and pass the required written and practical exams. With a valid CDL, individuals can access a range of local trucking opportunities within the Jacksonville area.

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